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Biden picks Ketanji Brown Jackson as first Black woman on Supreme Court******


Ketanji Brown Jackson, circuit judge on the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, makes brief remarks after US President Joe Biden introduced her as his nominee to the US Supreme Court during an event in the Cross Hall of the White House February 25, 2022, in Washington, DC.

President Joe Biden lauded "uniquely accomplished" Ketanji Brown Jackson on Friday as he nominated her to be the first Black woman in US history to serve on the Supreme Court.

Jackson was appointed to the federal bench in 2013, and was backed by three Republican senators last year when she was elevated to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, seen as a staging ground for aspiring Supreme Court justices.

"She steps up to fill Justice (Stephen) Breyer's place on the court with a uniquely accomplished and wide ranging background," Biden said as he officially unveiled his decision at a White House appearance with the 51-year-old jurist.

"As it happens, I share a birthday with the first Black woman ever to be appointed as a federal judge, the Honorable Constance Baker Motley," Jackson said as she accepted the nomination.

"We were born exactly 49 years to the day apart. Today, I proudly stand on Judge Motley's shoulders, sharing not only her birthday, but also her steadfast and courageous commitment to equal justice under law."

With one liberal justice replacing another the announcement will not reshape the ideological make-up of the court – but it is a huge moment for Biden personally and politically.

White House officials hope it will provide a few days of positive news coverage ahead of the president's State of the Union address on Tuesday.

The announcement is a chance for Biden to show the Black voters who rescued his floundering 2020 primary campaign that he can deliver for them following the recent defeat of voting rights legislation.

"For too long, our government, our courts haven't looked like America," Biden said. "I believe it's time that we have a court reflects the full talents and greatness of our nation with a nominee of extraordinary qualifications, and that we inspire all young people to believe that they can one day serve their country at the highest level."

Political attacks

Black Americans are among Biden's strongest supporters, with two-thirds approving of his job performance, according to a CBS poll released last week.

His popularity among the key demographic however declined over the months following his inauguration and he has not recovered the lost ground.

In his first year in office, Biden nominated 62 women to the federal judiciary, including 24 Black women.

But there are still only a few dozen active Black female judges on the federal bench out of almost 800 total.

The president had promised during his successful 2020 White House run to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court for the first time in US history.

The pledge dismayed some Republicans who thought ruling out candidates of other backgrounds would further politicize the judiciary.

Dismissing the objections, Biden shortlisted a handful of top Black women to replace the retiring Breyer, including southern jurists J. Michelle Childs and Leandra Kruger.

Reflecting Washington's bitter political divisions, at least two top Republicans depicted his eventual nominee as the darling of what they called the American far left.

Jackson will now go through weeks of hearings and meetings with senators before her nomination comes to the floor, likely in April.

喜茶就与杜蕾斯官微互动致歉:已删微博 并无恶意******


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Xinjiang cultural heritage inheritors refute "cultural genocide" claims******

URUMQI, Dec. 6 (Xinhua) -- Representatives of ethnic cultural and art inheritors in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region denounced accusations of "cultural genocide" in the region at a press conference on Monday.。

They refuted the fallacies with detailed data, specific regional policies on culture protection and their own experiences.。

Gvli Ablim, host of the press conference, said that the regional government has attached great importance to the protection and development of the fine traditional cultures of all ethnic groups, introducing policies and measures to develop the cultural undertakings of ethnic minorities.。

To date, Xinjiang has a total of 4,640 representative intangible cultural heritage projects, including 94 national intangible cultural heritage projects. The region now has 112 national intangible cultural heritage inheritors.。

Ablajan Nurmaimait is a Yengisar knife maker of some renown in Yengisar County, Kashgar Prefecture, in Xinjiang. The Yengisar knife is a local specialty known for its exquisite shape, beautiful decoration and sharp edge.。

"I learned how to make the knife from my father since my childhood. Now, I run a Yengisar knife handicraft cooperative with my wife and sell products through livestreaming online," he said. As more and more tourists come to his village, the craftsman is enjoying burgeoning sales of his handicrafts.。

Nulsalik Dawutbek has been making delicate artworks in wood for more than 40 years. The methods of wood carving, a traditional craft for the Kazakh ethnic group, were passed down to him through the generations.。

"My dad used to teach me to make wood-carving toys, and now I make funny toys with the kids, who are already familiar with the art of wood carving," he said.。

The anti-China forces have distorted facts and maliciously spread the fallacy of "cultural genocide" in the region, said Gvli Ablim, but it is the inheritors of culture and art of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang that have the final say and are the most trustworthy and persuasive witnesses on the topic. Enditem。

曝苹果已停止生产iPhone 12 mini:销量太低!******iPhone 12 mini最终成为最不受欢迎的机型,显示出紧凑尺寸的手机在美国并不受欢迎,这可能是苹果预计明年不会发布 "mini"版的原因之一。

iPhone 12系列可以说是苹果最畅销的一个系列,在发布不到4个月的时间内,它就占据了这四个月iPhone手机总销量的76%。但四款机型中也是有不受待见的,比如iPhone 12 mini。

据TrendForce的最新消息,iPhone 12 mini在2021年第二季度将提前达到寿命终点,结束生产。

按照该消息源说法,虽然生产已经停止,但iPhone 12 mini仍在苹果网站上销售,目前没有任何明显的发货延迟。该设备提供六种颜色,包括4月下旬上市的紫色选择。

iPhone 12 mini最终成为最不受欢迎的机型,显示出紧凑尺寸的手机在美国并不受欢迎,这可能是苹果预计明年不会发布 "mini"版的原因之一。

其实之前就曾有消息称,今年是苹果最后一年推出mini机型,而到了iPhone 14后,则会完全抛弃这个mini版,毕竟性价比不够高,缺点太明显,用户不买单也是必然。

据悉,iPhone 12 mini搭载了一块5.4英寸Super Retina XDR显示屏,分辨率为2340×1080,ppi为475,厚度为7.4mm;搭载了苹果A14处理器,支持5G网络;后置双摄像头,包括一颗1200万像素广角镜头和一颗1200万像素超广角镜头,低光性能提升27%,夜间模式更加出色,而且所有摄像头都支持夜间模式。此外,手机支持Facd ID解锁,并支持IP68级防尘防水。







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